Who We Are


The Winter Haven Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society began with a simple phone call from Dick Shaw, a former President of the international barbershop singing society, early in 2007.  In that phone call he organized a meeting of local men who became the core of our current chapter.  We now have nearly 30 active members and perform frequently in the local area as The Sentimental Journeymen, our chapter’s chorus. The chorus sings the same types of songs as barbershop quartets, with the same uniquely American style of a cappella four-part close harmony…just with a lot more guys!

We invite visitors at our weekly open rehearsals, just to listen, or to explore whether they might be interested in joining our group. Some visitors are experienced barbershoppers from other chapters around the country, and others are just guys who love singing, harmonizing, and performing, and who can carry a tune unaccompanied.  

The Sentimental Journeymen is a group that includes both experienced and novice singers who strive together to provide a satisfying singing experience and an entertaining performance package.  We have a professional director who brings out the best in us, and all our members receive instruction and singing aids that advance their skills quickly and provide the confidence to perform at a competent level.


The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). The BHS was founded in 1938 by Owen C. Cash, who named it SPEBSQSA, the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America.  The society snow-balled into a world-wide organization of four-part a cappella male harmony, and further widened out into two separate ladies organizations as well.  As of 2017 there were about 22,000 registered BHS members in the United States and Canada, spread across 600 individual chapters. Since 2007, BHS international headquarters has been located in Nashville, Tennessee, and provides members with support services including music education and a huge library of song arrangements in the barbershop style. There are also formal judged contests for quartets and choruses that are held regularly at the regional and national levels.