At the Spring, 2018 contest we competed against 8 other choruses.  We sang When I Fall In Love and Sweet Georgia Brown.  We placed 5th in the state.  We received some encouraging comments from the judges and positive feedback on how to improve our future performances.

Spring contest, 2017 was an exciting experience.  We competed against 12 other choruses and placed 5th in the state.  We received several positive comments from the judges that we will be implementing in the next few months.  The directors did an excellent job with their music choices and direction and we are looking forward to placing even higher next year.

Our 7th annual chapter show was a great success.  The Polk State College Theater was a great location and the auditorium was almost full.  The Sankofa Corale were very entertaining, the Humdingers were hilarious and let’s not forget the Sentimental Journeymen.  Shane Scott was an excellent M.C. and Lynn McCoy provided excellent entertainment during the intermission.  Thanks to all who performed and helped with the show.  It was one of our best shows ever.

Our 6th Annual Chapter Show is now in the history books, and what a great show it was!  Boardwalk was very entertaining  with their unique style of barbershop combined with banjo and base.  Chordially Yours blew off another one with their, "If My Nose Were Running Money, I'd Blow It All On You".  What a hillarious tune!  John Anderson and the Men's Chorus from Polk State College sang several excellent songs and did an excellent job with some barbershop tunes but especially cool was a Swahili song they sang.  And, of course there was the Sentimental Journeymen.  What can you say about those guys. Excellent as always.